Black History at the Winter Olympics – Part 3

What defines a maverick? This question kept popping into my mind every time I come across the name Debi Janine Thomas.

Debi’s accomplishment as the first black athlete to win a medal at the Winter Olympics is in the history books. Another is the complications of her later years at the Winter Olympics. She took a path, studied and became a doctor. She made a life that feels comfortable and familiar to her.

When you read about Debi’s life now and compare it with her childhood, you’ll realize that sometimes it’s okay for the things that defined a person not to define them anymore.

 On drawing parallels

 There is a difference between what her career as an Olympian meant. And what her life as a person navigating the world means. To in effect expose her deepest fear is to take her apart. If you’ve lived the life of an olympian, in comparison, everything else might seem like a low.

We also discuss Shelley-Ann. Shelley is an interesting orchestra, Debi is a beautiful mess. We also honour Erin Jackson. Went deeper into some of the Africans in Beijing while also paying respect to those who came before them. We also acknowledge one that is unfortunately no longer with us – Richard Adjei.