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Long Bio

Elizabeth Michael is a professionally trained broadcast journalist, self-taught learning experience designer in sports, and a writer.Ā She has several years of experience in sports media, and is a brilliant voice for clarity, diversity and community equity in sports through intersectionality.

As a seasoned broadcaster, she has covered major sporting events, including the Major leagues Olympic Games, FIFA World Cups, bringing fans the thrill of live action and expert commentary. Her versatile skills and dexterity have allowed her to excel in various media platforms, from television features to radio and digital content creation.

As a polymathic folklorist, she explores and connects various disciplines, such as sports, creative media, culture, and personal narratives. By incorporating text, audio, and visual elements, she builds immersive and engaging content experiences.

She simplifies complex subjects and ideas, as it allows Ā to effectively communicate and share knowledge with diverse audiences. Through her work, she bridges gaps between different communities, foster understanding, and spark conversations around important topics.

She has mostly worked as an independent producer and presenter. Through the shows she created, produced and presented, she highlighted:Ā the socio-economic aspects of sports and how they intersect with the lives of fans. Shed light on the transformative power of sports in Africa, including its economic implications, community development, and social empowerment. WhileĀ amplifying the stories and achievements of women in sports, she inspires young girls, challenge gender biases, and contribute to the growth of women’s sports in Africa.Ā 

She delves into the social and cultural impact of sports, exploring how it shapes communities, inspires individuals, and reflects wider societal issues. She is involved in the production of documentaries that shed light on important topics such as inclusivity, diversity, and the power of sports as a catalyst for change.

As a writer, she expresses ideas, stories, and concepts through the written word.Writing has been a way for her to think and to express those thoughts. She offers her readers a seat with her as she conveys complex subjects in a simplified manner, and evoke emotions through your words.

Beyond her professional engagements, Elizabeth is actively involved in mentoring young people seeking a career path in sports, and giving back to the community through sports-related charitable initiatives. She believes in the power of sports to inspire, unite, and create positive change.Ā 

Outside sports, she lives her folklore dreams with stories and is building Cuppa Cowries, a narrative audio company.


Short Bio

Elizabeth Michael is a professionally trained broadcast journalist, self-taught learning experience designer in sports, and a writer.Ā HerĀ passion, skills, and dedication to storytelling provide a strong foundation for telling Ā stories and realities. By focusing on authenticity, representation, and addressing pressing social issues, she makes a significant impact and contribute to a more nuanced understanding of realities within both local and global contexts. She is enthusiastic about telling stories of women in sports and highlighting how sports intersects with humanity and the role it plays in driving societal change. Her devotion extends beyond sports. She believes that Ā stories must be told not just for a global audience but for the African audience.